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In order to build the power and capacity of the next generation of leaders and activists, we have developed the Sisters in Action for Issues of Reproductive Empowerment (SAFIRE) high school youth organizing program.

SAFIRE fosters community and leadership among Asian young women ages 14–18 by strengthening their connection to their core power through workshops that engage the mind, body & spirit, including physical activities such as martial arts, yoga and meditation. Participants also engage in political education that looks explicitly at the ways in which racism, poverty, sexism and homophobia intersect to limit reproductive, economic, and political power for young Asian women. These program activities work to build a strong foundation for participants to organize for institutional change that advances reproductive justice and social justice.

The SAFIRE program operates year-round and welcomes new participants at different times throughout the year. We also offer a summer program intensive where participants meet three times a week and receive a stipend at the completion of the program.


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