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Movement Building

In our commitment to advancing a Reproductive Justice Movement, we build and strengthen women of color and mainstream alliances for reproductive justice, host discussion and strategy sessions, and write and disseminate papers to build the analytical base of the movement. We recognize the importance of broader inclusion and leadership of the most excluded groups of women. These include low-income women, queer women and transgendered individuals, women with disabilities, young women, and immigrant and refugee women. We believe that organized communities, particularly the most marginalized groups mentioned above, are key agents of change, and focus on improving social conditions and changing power and access to resources on all levels.


ACRJ is leading a national movement building initiative, Expanding the Movement for Empowerment and Reproductive Justice (EMERJ).


APIRH believes that people learn best when they are able to build on their own experiences. Our approach acknowledges how intersections of race, class and gender affect women's choices. We work with women of all ages to build both individual and collective strategies to creating change for the health and well-being of the whole community.

  • H.O.P.E. for Girls Project. Health, Opportunities, Problem-Solving, and Empowerment Curriculum Project. A popular-education approach to adolescent girls' health and well-being through activities which develop leadership, mentoring, and organizing skills of young women. We currently have projects with Laotian girls in Richmond and Southeast Asian girls in Long Beach.
  • Technical Assistance and Training. We work with youth programs and health clinics on popular education, teen reproductive health education, and developing programs which promote young people, especially young women, as agents of change in their community.
  • H.O.P.E. for Women Project (Coming soon!). We are developing a popular education approach on women's reproductive health for low-literacy immigrant and refugee women.

    APIRH engages in community-based research on reproductive health and other related health issues to increase our own organizational capacity to provide better outreach & education. It provides a foundation from which we advocate and organize. Our close community partnerships ensure that we have access to a diverse communities and their perspectives.

  • Asian/Pacific Islander Reproductive Health Study (1991-1992). The first study on Asian and Pacific Islander attitudes and knowledge about reproductive health and policies.
  • The Health and Well-Being of Asian and Pacific Islander American Women (2020). Analysis, summary, and bibliography of research and data on Asian and Pacific Islander women's health and documentation of the "Opening Doors" organizing process.
  • API Adolescent Youth Reproductive Health Study. (Coming soon!) A study to explore the attitudes, knowledge and practices of Asian and Pacific Islander teen girls and boys about sexuality, abortion, contraceptive use, health, STDs and AIDS, teen pregnancy, and self-esteem.

    Currently, APIRH is focusing our work on young women as part of a larger strategy toward organizing women of all ages in our communities. We believe that working with girls and women from immigrant and refugee communities is the most important place from which to build our future advocacy and organizing projects and campaigns.

  • "OPENING DOORS" Organizing Gathering and Process (2020). The first gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander grassroots women in California to begin an organizing process. The majority of participants were immigrant or refugee women and 20% of the participants were young women!
  • Partnerships with Asian and Pacific Islander Health Organizations. APIRH works to promote policies and legislation at the local, state and national levels, which address linguistic, cultural, and economic access to health care for everyone. We work closely with other community organizations and clinics to listen and learn about the needs of women and girls.
  • Coalition work with Reproductive Freedom and Abortion Rights Organizations. APIRH participates in campaigns with other reproductive freedom organizations to ensure reproductive choice and safe and affordable access to a full range of reproductive services, technologies and procedures for women and girls.
  • Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice

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