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Mission and Vision

We believe reproductive justice is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social well-being of women and girls, and will be achieved when women and girls have the economic, social and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our bodies, sexuality and reproduction for ourselves, our families and our communities in all areas of our lives.

The ultimate goal of our work is to build self-determination for individuals and communities. We believe that translating the vision of our Reproductive Justice Agenda into action will bring about change on the individual, community, institutional, and societal levels in order to transform our world:

1. An individual woman or girl will acquire skills as well as demonstrate leadership and commitment to furthering reproductive justice;
2. A community will change its attitudes and behaviors to support women and girls as community leaders;
3. An institution, such as a church, school/school district, business/workplace, or legislative body, will make changes to stop reproductive oppression and protect reproductive justice for women and girls; and
4. Women and girls will gain complete self-determination and all forms of oppression are ended.

Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice

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