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Oakland Tribune [8/7/2020]
The cosmetic products they are examining are in a gray area — not food we eat nor the air we breathe. They are products most people use every day, but the FDA does not have authority to regulate cosmetic products. ACRJ's toxins and cosmetics project fits in with a larger effort in the Bay Area and across the country attempting to address such regulation... To read more download 3MB PDF

Contra Costa Times [6/8/2019]
"There are substitutes available that are not carcinogenic," said Aparna Shah of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice. "These things are out there."...

San Francisco Bay Guardian [11/5/2018]
Grassroots activism on reproductive issues is already built around parenting. Eveline Shen runs Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health, an Oakland-based organization founded after the Supreme Court's 1989 decision giving states considerably more power to restrict abortion...

Asian Week [6/8/2015]
“There is a [correlation] between rates of pregnancy and Southeast Asian teens,” said Ann Cheatham, research coordinator for Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health. “Their poverty rates are much higher, they don't have access to health care services, and there's a lack of access to education."...

Asian Week [9/3/2013]
Asian American women have long been part of the abortion debate. In 1989, a group concerned that their voices were absent from the larger debate formed Asians and Pacific Islanders for Choice (APIC), a volunteer-run, pro-choice organization addressing reproductive health issues for Asian American women...


ColorLines [Winter 2020]

ColorLines [Fall 2016]
Cambodian girls in the HOPE for Girls project of Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health (APIRH) held several community readings of their poetry and stories, which were published in a 1999 chapbook called The Way In...


National Radio Project [8/17/2020]
A growing number of women are seeing the link between their reproductive health, their civil liberties, the environment and economics. On this edition, we hear about the common thread that connects women from all walks of life. From prison cells, to the barrios in Fresno, California, women of color are organizing around the broad theme of reproductive justice... read transcript or download audio clip


Channel 26, Mandarin Evening News [10/2020]


Mother Jones [01/24/2020]
On the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights activists, the media, and legislators are focusing on how the confirmation of Samuel Alito will impact the reproductive rights of women in the United States. Indeed, Alito's previous record raises serious concerns for those who support reproductive rights and civil rights... read more

Center for American Progress [01/20/2020]
We must cultivate a more comprehensive analysis and strategy to protect reproductive rights because women of color and poor women's reproductive options and self-determination are restricted in so many ways beyond abortion... Reproductive Justice calls for integrated analysis, holistic vision, and comprehensive strategies that push against the structural and societal conditions that control our communities by regulating our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction... [11/7/2019]
Prop 73 would have the harshest impact on teens from communities of color and low income communities. These teens already face numerous injustices when trying to access health care, and this law will further deny them the right to confidential medical services...

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Sing Tao Daily [10/26/2020]
World News [10/26/2020]

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